Hand Painted Gourd Birdhouse Hummingbird


Gourd Birdhouses from Pennsylvania. Hand grown, hand painted and ready to hang. These our my hand painted gourd birdhouses.

This is a gourd painted with a hummingbird and branches.
Painted on. 8-9 inch gourd.

Looks amazing in any tree. Gourds are a natural bird attraction, they love them!
This is a large Martin gourd, grown and crafted in Pennsylvania with a raw hide strap and water/ air holes on the bottom of the gourd for protection.
Hand varnished with a marine boat finish polyurethane for 10 plus years of enjoyment.

Gourds are a great bird attraction. You will get wrens, gold finches, tuffed titmouse and an occasional bluebird.
Gourd, Hand painted gourd birdhouse, listing many other colored and hand painted birdhouses soon.

Many of my customers hang them inside as art.

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