Hand Painted Gourd Birdhouse Vintage Winnie the Pooh

$28.00 $35.00

Gourd Birdhouses from Pennsylvania. Hand grown, hand painted and ready to hang. These our my hand painted gourd birdhouses. This gourd is painted on a natural gourd.

Who doesn’t love Winnie the Pooh?
This was a custom birdhouse for a new baby’s nursery.
This is the vintage 60’s version oh Pooh and friends.
Pooh, piglet and eeyore.
Looks amazing in any tree. Gourds are a natural bird attraction, they love them!
This is a large Martin gourd, grown and crafted in Pennsylvania with a raw hide strap and water/ air holes on the bottom of the gourd for protection.
Hand varnished with a marine boat finish polyurethane for 10 plus years of enjoyment.
Gourds are a great bird attraction. You will get wrens, gold finches, tuffed titmouse and an occasional bluebird.
8-9 inch gourd. Hand painted gourd birdhouse, listing many other colored and hand painted birdhouses soon.

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