Gourd Bowl Textured Painted light green and creams Craft Ready Cleaned 8 inch Holes for Weaving


I have surplus of gourd bowls at great prices, ready to move!
Here is raw textured painted in light greens and creams gourd bowl, 8 inches.
Complete with holes for weaving. This is a weavers special!
This bowl is painted black inside with holes for weaving reed or any material.
Ready to go! Cleaned and washed.
This is craft ready!

I have been growing and crafting gourds for 30 years.
My uncle was a founding member of the American Gourd Society.
I have awesome gourds at great prices.
If you need 10 or 100 message me for a reserved listing with a discounted pricing.

Make your own birdhouses.
Gourd birdhouses: functional gourd birdhouses add charm and whimsy to your backyard. Watch as birds build their nests and raise their babies.

Thank you for browsing my shop!
Please let me know if you have any questions!

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