Halloween Gourd Witch Wendy The Frequent Flyer Witch Hand Painted and Decorated

$32.00 $40.00

Here we have Wendy the Frequent Flyer witch.
Move out of the way….here comes Wendy!
Wendy is always on the run and occasionally late.
She has very important work to do, planning her next adventure.
She loves a good antique shop and she is a master crafter of all things Halloween.
When she isn’t picking out a new broom to buy she will be buying craft supplies she could be a craft supply hoarder.
Wendy loves to cook and fly to the store for that special ingredient, just stay out of her way, she never flys the speed limit.

This is a 8 inch Martin gourd hand painted by me.
This gourd stands 12 inches tall and about 8 inches across.
It is sprayed with a polyurethane so it can be outside on a covered porch.

Coming soon, witch gourds and Thanksgiving gourds plus Santas!

This is the exact gourd you will receive.

I am usually at craft shows year around, but due to the virus I’m selling online and loving it!

This is a 8 inch Martin gourd, grown and crafted in Pennsylvania.

Leather dyes are used to color each gourd.

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