Welcome to the wonderful world of gourds! This has been a passion of mine for 30 years. My family are gourd-heads! My uncle was a founding member of the American Gourd Society that started in Mt. Gilead, Ohio. Every October we would drive to the famous Ohio Gourd Show for inspiration, home grown gourds and friendship.And my uncle’s famous quote: We had seen the light on Mount Gilead: One Gourd Nation, under Cross Pollination. In Gourd we Trust.
When the pandemic hit us, we had to find a way to get our products out.
With the help of my family, my daughter and I launched YellowSeventeen.
Yellow being her favorite color and seventeen her age at the time we were off and running a small business on Etsy. 
We have grown leaps and bounds and are so thankful for our customers.
Thank you,
Abbie & Wendy

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